COVID-19 Policy/protocol

MADFROG Volleyball continues to follow PISD guidelines along with the Governor of Texas orders for Covid protocol:   

  • Masks/face coverings will be optional indoors and outdoors
  • Social distancing will be maintained when feasible
  • Hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer will still be expected throughout the day


If a player or coach tests positive for Covid:


  • 5 day quarantine
  • Can return on day 6 if a negative test result is acquired after day 5.  
  • If no negative test is taken they will need to stay out a full 10 days. 
  • Either scenario the player will need to be symptom free before returning.


  • 5 day quarantine
  • Can return on day 6 if no symptoms are present but must wear a mask for 5 days after the 5 day quarantine.

If a player or coach is exposed to covid:  Players or coaches can continue to attend practices as long as they are not experiencing any covid symptoms.

AS STATED FROM NORTH TEXAS REGION VOLLEYBALL:  "The strictest policy in place (whether it be set by the municipality, club or facility) is the one that is in place at a given tournament. At this time, the North Texas Region is not mandating any specific COVID-related policies. The Region, however, is encouraging all to follow best practices set by the Centers for Disease control."

Individuals should consider their own vaccination status and COVID risk level when deciding whether or not to wear a mask. Covid19 response