MADFROG Wins 2021 Top Club Award at TRIPLE CROWN NIT

by Kecia A


KANSAS CITY – Fueled by a championship finish in one age group and two runner-up efforts, MadFrog Volleyball Club earned the Top Club Award from the 2021 Triple Crown NIT, which was held May 29-31 in Kansas City, MO.

Based out of the Dallas Metroplex suburb of Plano, Texas, MadFrog had 360 points, with Premier Nebraska next at 250 points. Points were awarded in age groups 13u through 17u, with 100 points going to the champion of each age division down to 10 points for 10th place.

Previous winners of the Top Club Award are: A5 Mizuno (2020), Texas Advantage (2019) and Arizona Storm (2018).

Here are the top 10 clubs from 2021:

  1. MadFrog (360 points) – Winners of 15 Elite, runner-up at 13 and 14 Elite.
  2. Premier Nebraska (250) – Second place at 15 Elite, third place at 13 Elite.
  3. Lions/1st Alliance (200) – Located in Illinois, the program notched fifth-place finishes at both 13 and 14 Elite.
  4. Arizona Storm (180) – Champions at 14 Elite and third place in the 17’s.
  5. OTVA (170) – Second place at 17 Elite and third place in the 14s for the club based out or Orlando/Tampa, FL.
  6. A5 (160) – The Georgia program won the 16 Elite and took fifth in the 15's.
  7. Dynasty (150) – Out of Kansas City, KS, the club took fourth place at 15 Elite and fifth place in the 13’s.

    T8. Houston Skyline (140) – This program rolled to the 17 Elite title and also took seventh in             the 14’s.

    T8. Legacy (140) – The Michigan powerhouse took second at 16 Elite and seventh in the                  17’s.

     10. Tri-State Elite (130) – Based around Cincinnati, the club finished third at 17 Elite and sixth in the 15’s.